Ability Loss is a condition in which an evolved human is unable to use his/her ability. Ability loss can be temporary or permanent, and caused by a number of means. Known ways of causing this condition include drugs, the effects of certain evolved human abilities, the Shanti virus, or rarely through solar eclipses. An evolved human's self-confidence, or rather lack thereof, can also affect ability performance.

Evolved Humans Edit

René Edit

  • René (also known as The Haitian) is an evolved human with the ability to erase minds and prevent an Evo from using their abilities.

Arthur Petrelli Edit

  • Arthur Petrelli was an evolved human with the ability to "steal" other evo's powers. He was later killed by Sylar.

Tommy Clark Edit

  • Tommy is the grandson of Arthur Petrelli and has the same ability he does. However he can only have one power each time. He currently possesses Space-Time Manipulation.

Phoebe Frady Edit

  • Phoebe was an evolved human with the ability to control the shadows and while using her powers no evo around her can use any ability.

Others Edit

  • Shanti Virus - The Shanti Virus makes any evolved human unable to use abilities. If they are cured they have their abilities back. The Virus can also kill anyone who has it Humans and Evolved Humans.